Things and projects I've been working on...

GliderPath TMS

Co-founder & Product Design August 2014 - Present

GliderPath TMS is a result of surveying over 200 translation companies, asking them about biggest challenges on their day to day business. The application uses Ruby on Rails on the backend and beside sketching the initial prototype I also handled re-design of the application after MVP was ready.

SaaS, Ruby on Rails, Sass

GliderPath Academy

Co-founder & Course Creator March 2015 - Present

GliderPath Academy is an online learning platform for translation & localization professionals. At the beginning the application was using WordPress to deliver content to the users hovewer at the moment I'm working on complete re-design of whole application to meet our needs regarding course creation and student flow.

Ruby on Rails, Sass, jQuery

Red Hat Velocity

Web Developer February 2016 - Present

Red Hat Velocity Portal is internal tool used by marketing operations department to meet their uducational goals. The application is powered by WordPress fetching the content from external source, sorting it according tags and importing into WordPress. I was responsible for developing and designing the application.

WordPress, jQuery