3 Steps to Effective Cold Emails

Master Cold Emailing in 3 Easy Steps

Lubos Hricak
wrote on August 14, 2014

Struggling with cold emails not being responded? We know the feeling! Because of the way we wanted to approach the creation of GliderPath, we needed to contact a great amount of people in a very short time. We’ve sent thousands of cold emails already, and even though hundreds of those emails have been answered, a lot of them got ignored (especially at the beginning!) leaving us wondering what to do next. This led us to learn a lot about best practices and tools for cold emailing.

What we wanted to know was easy: How should we approach busy business owners and ask them for their time? How could we get our emails read and responded? We did it the hard way by trial and error and split-testing, and we learned some cool tips that eventually got us increased response rates, leading to more interviews with business owners and more sales in the end. We want to share what we have learned with you, in the hope that you (or your maybe your Sales people) will find it useful. So we created an infographic with the key lessons we learned. Check it out below!

3 Steps to Effective Cold Emails

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